38 minutes | Aug 3, 2020

8. Deadly Obsessions

Rhonda Martin seemed to be the unluckiest woman on the planet. One by one, those closest to her would fall victim to a mysterious illness that would claim their lives. This week, we discuss the chilling reality behind Rhonda's "bad luck." Spoiler alert, this might just be our very first serial killer episode. Who doesn't love the idea of a vacation on an island in Mexico? White sand, beaches, hundreds of dolls hanging from trees... what's not to love? Yes, we said dolls! In our paranormal segment, we discuss The Island of the Dolls and the legend behind why a man felt he had to spend FIFTY years hanging dolls on this island. In Off the Cuff (after the main show), we have a fun "would you rather" session packed with video games, screaming infants - discussing them, not listening to them, and unwanted guests!
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