50 minutes | Oct 5, 2020

18. A Recipe For Dreams

In the early morning hours of May 24, 1987; Kenneth Parks rose from his couch, got into his car, and drove to his in-laws' house. When he arrived, he carried out a vicious attack that left his mother-in-law lifeless and his father-in-law with injuries though he did survive. What seems like an open and shut case takes an unbelievable turn when Kenneth claims that he was asleep during the entire ordeal. The jury believed him. Many experts believe him. Once you hear his story, you might just believe him too. Sleep paralysis is a terrifying experience especially if the person experiencing it does not know what is happening. Science offers plenty of explanations as to why sleep paralysis occurs, but is it possible that the cause of sleep paralysis cannot be explained by science? Could it have another, much more sinister origin? We discuss all things sleep paralysis in our paranormal segment... with a bonus discussion of death by nightmare!
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