100 minutes | Aug 17, 2016


ODYSSEY: THE PODCAST - my 14 episode, 24 hour sequel to Trojan War: The Podcast - is now recorded and waiting for you. Subscribe through your usual podcast provider, or go to odysseythepodcast.com! THE STORY and A MESSAGE FROM JEFF WRIGHT  (1:39:53)   Odysseus confronts Priam, Menelaus confronts Helen, and Agamemnon confronts Fate and Deadly Destiny …. all on the night when the mighty city of Troy finally falls. And so, with the city of Troy in flames and the Greek fleet set sail across the wine dark seas for home, history’s most awesome epic  - the Trojan War Epic - comes to a close.  We have travelled a long way together in twenty episodes, from Episode One: The Apple of Discord to Episode Twenty: The Sack of Troy.   It has been my pleasure and privilege to be your storyteller and guide on that journey.  I have enjoyed sharing every wonderful moment with you.  And I have taken constant delight in (and energy from) your generous enthusiasm and support. Of course a story this awesome generates its own “what happens next?” questions, plus an wealth of new subplots and sequels. Fortunately for us, all of that "awesomeness" is now available for your podcast listening pleasure, at ODYSSEY: THE PODCAST. My sequel podcast picks up the story right where Trojan War pod leaves off, down on the burning beaches of Troy.  Odyssey: The Podcast tells all the tales found in Homer's Odyssey, of course, but also answers a host of "what happened next?" questions about Agamemnon, Menealus, Helen, and even the late, great Achilles! You can listen to all 24 hours (14 episodes) of Odyssey: The Podcast on whatever platform you listened to Trojan War pod, or via odysseythepodcast.com. In the meantime, let us stay in touch.  Should you wish to talk with me (to share ideas; to make suggestions; to offer insights; to invite me to speak/perform in your town), then the best way to reach me is via my professional email:  jeff@trojanwarpodcast.com.   And should you wish to make a donation ( to say "thanks" for the past 25 hours of fun!), then visit my Donate page on this website. My website jeffwrightstoryteller.com provides video footage from my live shows and details of my other projects.   If you take the time to write, I will do my level best to reply.  And should you wish to keep posted on my plans, then you might want to follow my Facebook page:  Trojan War: The Podcast.  That is where I will post updates on my podcast and public performance plans going forward.  And if you subscribe to my Twitter feed, @trojanwarpod, I promise to deliver some fun tweets on all things Trojan War and Odyssey.. So once again, thank you for listening.  A great story requires a great audience, and you have been wonderful.    Jeff   RELATED LINKS   RELATED IMAGES  
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