34 minutes | Nov 23rd 2016

YES CALIFORNIA's Marcus Ruiz Evans

TO SECEDE OR NOT TO SECEDE? That is the question. Shortly after the controversial election, Dan Goodwin, the president and CEO of Triple Black TV, connected wth Marcus Ruiz Evans, the author of California’s Next Century 2.0: Economic Renaissance, and leader of the YesCalifornia campaign for independence, to ask some hard questions: 1) What do you say to all the states that feel the same? Like Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and New York, just to name a few. Are we abandoning them during their hour of need and leaving them at the mercy of Donald Trump? 2) Will California have its own military force? What's to prevent Donald Trump from declaring martial law and taking action to stop us? These are just the few of the questions posed. We hope you enjoy and feel impowered. Please FOLLOW us and SHARE! We appreciate it more than you. Together we can make this world a better place.
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