39 minutes | Mar 22nd 2017

PETE WHITTAKER 'The Gritstone God!'

PETE WHITTAKER, a British Rock Climber, just made history by being the first person to free-climb Freerider (5.12d)in a day, using a rope-solo technique. Not only did he decimate the record, which was previously held by Jorg Verhoeven, who rope soloed Free Rider in four days, Pete smoked the route in 20 hours and six minutes. Listen as Pete shares his story on how this all came together, his thoughts about soloing the route, and what he might do next. Please LIKE and FOLLOW our Podcast. You can also listen to our show on Apple Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tripleblack-tv-podcast-your-entertainment-source-for/id1182753383?mt=2
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