58 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

Triple Play: Final Fantasy VI, Part 2

Kirk, Jason, and Maddy dive back into their ongoing playthrough of Final Fantasy VI, picking up where they left off last time (the Opera House) and going until the end of the Floating Continent. Do Maddy and Kirk like it more now? What's the deal with that flake Shadow? Why is Edgar such a creeper? And whoa, did Kefka really just do THAT?One More Thing:Kirk: Monster Hunter Rise (Finishing/Friction)Maddy: The Content Mines podcastJason: Saga Frontier RemasteredLinks:What did Edgar really say about Relm? https://legendsoflocalization.com/what-does-edgar-say-about-relm-in-each-final-fantasy-vi-translation/The Caves of Narshe FF6 Walkthrough: https://www.cavesofnarshe.com/ff6/walkthrough.phpSupport Triple Click: http://maximumfun.org/joinJoin the Triple Click Discord: http://discord.gg/tripleclickpodTriple Click Ethics Policy: https://maximumfun.org/triple-click-ethics-policy/
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