36 minutes | Nov 7, 2019

All About Orthopedic Issues in Three Legged Dogs

Tripawds Podcast Episode #88: This is the final episode in a four part series where we are sharing the complete unedited audio from interviews we performed with faculty members at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine on October 3rd, 2019. Find our edited video interviews at youtube.com/tripawds. Find all Tripawd Talk podcasts, and, let us know what you think of this series of shows at tripawds.com/radio.We had the honor of sitting down with one of our most respected previous guests during our visit to Davis. Dr Denis Marcellin-Little is a leading expert in veterinary orthopedic surgery and Professor of Surgical & Radiological Sciences. This episode of Tripawd Talk includes the complete interview from two videos we produced about remaining limb surgeries and osteoarthitis in three legged dogs. Dr Denis and Rene also discuss 3D printing technology and how it is being used for implants and other orthpoedic procedures. We also discover the single most important thing people can do to help keep their Tripawds fit and strong. Support the show (https://tripawds.com/support)
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