25 minutes | May 18th 2020

Sri Lanka: How a 'midlife crisis' inspired a trip of a lifetime

Facing a milestone birthday, Travel Editor Stephanie Holmes wanted to prove there was life left in her yet. So, she set off for Sri Lanka and joined a group cycling holiday... and ended up having the time of her life.

In this latest episode of Trip Notes, you're going to hear a reading of Stephanie's travel story where she tells all about her trip and the reasons the country is so special.

Then, Juliette Sivertsen talks to Stephanie about her memories from that trip 18 months on, and why she'll always remember it as a trip of a lifetime.

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You can follow the Herald travel team at https://instagram.com/nzhtravel or https://facebook.com/nzhtravel as well as Juliette Sivertsen on Twitter at @j_sivertsen or https://instagram.com/snorkelstosnow, and Stephanie Holmes at https://www.instagram.com/holmesstephanie or https://www.twitter.com/holmesstephanie

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