30 minutes | Nov 11th 2019

Chef Gareth Stewart on how to beat food FOMO, and the best things to see - and eat - in England

Each episode, Trip Notes hosts Stephanie Holmes and Tim Roxborogh are joined by a special guest to talk all about travel. On this episode, brought to you by House of Travel, we chat with Gareth Stewart.

As executive chef for the Nourish Group, British expat Gareth Stewart knows a thing or two about food. So there was no better candidate to be our guest on a special food-themed episode.

Stewart has most recently created the excellent menu for Nourish’s new gastropub venture The Brit, but when he’s not busy there — or at one of the group’s other 12 restaurants (Euro, Andiamo, Jervois Steak House and more) — he is also an avid traveller. And he has a theory about why some of our favourite travel memories involve food.

He also tells us how to beat food FOMO when travelling (trust us, it's a real problem), and we talk about the best things to see - and eat - in England.

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