19 minutes | Mar 28, 2020

9 - Staying Well While Staying Home

It's been a week with our new reality and I think most of us are tired of the new words we are using all the time...things like "social distance" and "coronavirus" and "homeschool." At Cancer Services, we are working to maintain our services as much as possible and offering many things online.  Let us know if you have questions or suggestions on how we can assist you during this time. We are open to ideas!! In the next few weeks, we will be setting up online classes, like Cancer Transitions, from home!     As a reminder: Please call us before you come by the office so we can determine if you need to come or not. We want to keep all our clients safe, and our staff as well. We are happy to talk with you during normal business hours at 336-760-9983. UPDATE ON OFFICE HOURS: We will be open M-Th 9am - 4pm and Friday 9am - 2pm.   Be sure you connect with us via the Cancer Services Facebook page and our YouTube channel!     Sign up for our email list HERE.   We had to cancel our annual auction, Wrapped Up In Ribbons, which raises 25% of our budget. If you are able, consider helping us make our goal despite the cancellation. FIND OUT MORE HERE!     MOVE MORE. STRESS LESS. Virtual Activity Program: - http://cancerservicesonline.org/movemore/   Dates: April 1 – May 27 Requirements: Track the time spent doing dedicated physical activity and email to Lindy (lindy@cancerservicesonline.org), our Survivorship Coordinator, each week. PRIZES: Of course, the best prize of all is feeling good & less stressed! To help motivate you, we will have prizes for participation and grand prize drawings at 4 weeks and 8 weeks. Grand prizes will be delivered by mail, but due to the cost of postage, participation prizes must be picked up. SIGN UP HERE: http://cancerservicesonline.org/movemore/      Coronavirus quick links: How to Navigate Cancer in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic from Cure Magazine Cancer Services has information regarding coronavirus on our website here: www.cancerservicesonline.org/coronavirus and in Spanish here: www.cancerservicessonline.org/informaciondecoronavirus. Local public radio, WFDD, has a coronavirus page with updates.  https://www.wfdd.org/story/live-updates-coronavirus-north-carolina Para versión en Español, haga click aquí.   Find science-based coronavirus websites here:  CDC – www.cdc.gov/coronavirus NCDHHS – www.ncdhhs.gov/coronavirus Forsyth County Department of Public Health - https://www.forsyth.cc/PublicHealth/novel_coronavirus.aspx NC coronavirus call center (in English and Spanish) – 866-462-3821 Forsyth County Department of Public Health coronavirus call line - 336-582-0800 Relaxation Tools: CBT-I Coach, a free app made by the VA for veterans, which has a series of really excellent meditation and relaxation tools. Insight Timer App and website to assist with anxiety, stress, and relaxation. NUTRITION IDEAS:  Check out this podcast interviewing Novant Health Integrative Medicine Doctor, Russ Greenfield regarding the fact that supplements are not proven to boost your immune system.     Med Tuna Salad Recipe:    OPPORTUNITIES FOR LEARNING: The Hidden Worlds of National Parks - an interactive documentary. It's really cool!!  On Friday, March 13, Old Salem Museums & Gardens launched a new online platform, OLD SALEM EXPLORATORIUM, created to serve those school students who have had to cancel their field trip to the Old Salem Historic District due to Coronavirus measures. The series of 5- to 10-minute experiences will bring the students in direct visual (but not physical!) contact with our master craftsman and educators. Check out their Old Salem YouTube channel here! Here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free. Missing The NCAA Tourneys? Try March Mammal Madness Mammals, alliteration, survival-of-the-fittest. These brackets have it all. Kids and teens books streaming for free from audible!   EXERCISE AT HOME: Virginia is one of our volunteers who teaches a dance class for our Spanish speaking clients on Monday nights. She recorded a video for us to dance with her from home! Check it out and get your exercise! Follow along, or make up your own moves. That's the great thing about dancing at home!! Join Angela Gallagher from North Joy Yoga as she teaches her yoga for cancer classes virtually on Wednesdays at 9am and 5pm. If you would like to join these classes, please email Angela at northjoyyoga@yahoo.com. This elementary PE teacher from Chattanooga, Coach Wood, is doing a PE video EVERY DAY during the school closings and they are super fun for kids of all ages (yes, that includes kids over 60 years old!!). (PE with Coach Wood) A great way to get your wiggles out each day for about 20 minutes. Check it out. YMCA NWNC is posting workouts every day on their Facebook page. Find your local branch's page here: ymcanwnc.org/yourvirtualymca. You don't have to be a YMCA member to take advantage of this!  Also, the national YMCA offers free online workouts right now! No membership is needed to access the classes. Find them at https://ymca360.org/  
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