75 minutes | Jul 23, 2021

Ep. 991: Tom Basso at Collin Seow Event with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Trend Following Mindset brings to life the timeless conversations between Tom Basso and Michael Covel originally featured on Michael’s renowned Trend Following podcast. In these profound and enlightening exchanges, Tom shares with Michael his deep wisdom on trading, business, life, and the how and why of his mindset. Our conversation today was hosted by Collin Seow in Singapore. Sit back and enjoy some Trend Following Mindset as I throw every question at Tom! Bio: Tom Basso bought his first mutual fund at 12 from funds received from delivering newspapers. From those early days, covering over 50+ years, Tom has extensively traded stocks, bonds, options, commodities/futures and FOREX. In this episode of Trend Following Radio: Trend Following Definition Trend Following Trading Trading Lumber Trend Following Mindset Cryptocurrency Trading The Trend Market Position Sizing in Investment Eric Crittenden
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