48 minutes | Jul 13, 2020

Ep. 884: Jenny Kellams Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Jenny Kellams is Director, Investment Strategy at Dunn Capital Management. She is primarily responsible for the marketing and distribution of DUNN strategies to family offices and financial advisors. Jenny and I discuss all that is Dunn Capital — including how she arrived to the firm. Inspirational!

Background: DUNN Capital was founded by William A. Dunn, PhD in 1974. Bill was a pioneer in applying quantitative techniques to financial markets and developing rules-based portfolio management. He was in uncharted territory at the time, breaking new ground in choosing to be strictly data-driven in his decision making and eliminating all subjectivity and emotion. DUNN Capital has been led since 2007 by Martin Bergin, Bill’s long-time protégé and the President and Owner of the firm. Since taking the reins, Marty has reinvigorated the firm’s focus on research and technology and has cultivated a culture of continual improvement. Today, DUNN manages over $1B in client assets worldwide. The firm remains committed to its core principals of keeping its incentives aligned with those of its clients, staying focused on systematic scientific processes and going where the data leads.

Note: Dunn Capital is featured in my 5th edition of Trend Following (Wiley).

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