22 minutes | Feb 20, 2014

Ep. 213: Jonathan Hoenig Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Michael Covel talks with Jonathan Hoenig. Hoenig is a regular on many news and cable news shows--you’ve seen him everywhere over the past decade. However, he got his start on the Chicago trading floors, and he talks to Covel today about his new documentary, “Pit Trading 101”. Covel and Hoenig talk about Hoenig’s branding for his hedge fund, Capitalist Pig; why capitalism has become demonized; the difference between capitalism and crony capitalism; Ayn Rand and capitalism as the “unknown ideal”; how Hoenig ended up in the Chicago trading pits, and what we can learn from studying pit trading today; the physical type of pit traders; the subculture of the pits; where Hoenig sees futures markets going; the blame of speculators; and America’s place in the world today. Want a free trend following DVD go to trendfollowing.com/win.

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