56 minutes | Aug 17th 2015

Dr Robin Smith; Hungry, The Truth About Being Full

Dr. Robin L Smith is an ordained minister, television and radio personality, the bestselling author of "Lies At the Altar: The Truth About Great Marriages and the popular; Inspirational Vitamins: A Guide To Personal Empowerment. Her latest book;Hungry, The Truth About Being Full, was released in February of this year. In it the Dr. bares her soul and describes in vivid detail the symptoms of her hunger, the gnawing emptiness in her soul, and her courageous journey to discovering herself. Dr. Robin opens a window into her own experiences in order to provide insight into yours. She has contributed to Super Soul Sunday, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Anderson, Larry King Live, The Today Show, Good Morning America and Fox News Channel. She earned her Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Temple University and her master's degree from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. You can follow Dr. Robin on Facebook and Twitter.
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