54 minutes | Dec 2, 2019

Werner Georg Kunz-Cho of Fareportal and Alexandra Arguelles of Amadeus - The Holistic Shopping Cart

If you shop for a flight online today, you’ll notice a wide range of options available to you. From seat selection to presentation of hotel and rental car options after booking, it seems like the traveler’s booking experience has become more and more holistic. Yet, there are many opportunities to grow. What has driven this trend in the last 5 years? Ancillaries packaging, New Distribution Capability, emerging technologies, and more. Senior travel executives Werner Georg Kunz-Cho (Co-CEO, Chief Human Resource Officer of Fareportal) and Alexandra Arguelles (Vice President, Online Travel Group of Amadeus North America) share what makes the holistic shopping cart window of today -- and tomorrow.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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