59 minutes | May 21, 2019

TIYB Highlights - Liliana Petrova of JetBlue – Conducting the Customer Experience Orchestra

Designing customer experience in travel... Liliana Petrova, Director of Customer experience at JetBlue Airways, Visionary, Strategist, Customer Experience Professional and Blogger, joins John Matson, Bess Chapman, and Pavan Bahl in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. In this episode: Liliana Petrova on designing for Experience is like a multi-phase cake What is movement, Technology design, how to achieve movement as fast and seamless as possible How people will feel about the brand and interactions Why the experience designer needs to be a vision thinker and can’t design in increments Facial recognition, and why with some brands it is like having a same experience like prison or the subway, and determining that will never happen like that with JetBlue as an experience Delight comes from the elements and when it works to one’s standards Designing experience is like being like a conductor of an orchestra Innovation is not building new things, but finding connections that didn’t exists before between existing things Getting a sophisticated program up in just four months Will airports be the player of the future they are today? The quest to eliminate waiting time with bags and taking away levels of friction How airports could transform from being simply a processing center, and therefore offer a chance to give you joy Other brands doing it right, and those doing it wrong — Milan train system can do better Every customer has their own version of an emotional reaction — but engineering things like efficiency can create emotional experiences, creating value Being driven by making the world a different place, making life easier Liking things that stretch when it is implausible Why the Hyperloop is exciting How Petrova moved from financial analyst to design The baseline of customer experience is process and strategy, making connections and seeing all channels of marketing And hard work How enterprise brands can’t preserve everything with scale Innovation is not the end goal, it’s a way to be relevant to the customer The alignment in the interest of the future costumer Credit cards and miles/points/rewards Petrova on being Bulgarian and a view at her work and the American ecosystem, and having perspective Why Abraham Lincoln was amazing An intuitive move and coming to America, having two “homes”, being a citizen of the world Doingcxright.com Liliana can be reached at https://thepetrovaexperience.com/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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