47 minutes | Feb 28, 2019

Yelp Social Media Tourism Marketing Tips: Travel Business Success 73 | Tourism Tim Warren & Matt Donzella

Have You Been Wondering How You Can Use Social Media Reviews and Specifically Yelp Social Media to Your Advantage? Curious About What Effective Tourism Social Media Strategies Might Be Missing from Your Tour Business Marketing Strategies? Want to Reap the Full Benefits of Social Media Reviews and Yelp for Your Travel, Tourism or Hospitality Business? Then take some time to listen today as Matt Donzella, one of the leading top local business outreach managers for Yelp and I dig into your many questions, issues and challenges that you have with Yelp social media and other online reviews platforms. This episode of Travel Business Success Podcast will give you great pointers on how to maximize your social media marketing and its potential for your Tourism Business. Why is Yelp Social Media & Reviews Important? The main purpose of Yelp is to help potential consumers find good businesses in their area with ease. With over 80 million visitors monthly, it has become quite the marketing goldmine for many businesses. It is a great way to create a great online image for your brand, connect with your audience and also become an authority in your niche. With the growth of digital marketing over the years, Yelp as a tourism social media marketing platform is great to focus your travel business marketing strategies on. Who better to get great pointers and tips from than an expert on digital marketing via Yelp?   Matt Donzella – Yelp Local Business Expert   Let’s Get to Know Matt: Yelp Local Business Expert (1:25-1:57) Matt Donzella is part of the local business outreach team at Yelp. He started out on the sales team but is now fully into educating business owners understand the workings of Yelp and how to use it to grow their business. He also hosts different workshops and attends conferences with the aim of sensitizing as many business owners as possible on how they can use Yelp to their own advantage. Listen or Download Podcast Here [smart_track_player url=”http://media.blubrry.com/travelbusinesssuccess/content.blubrry.com/travelbusinesssuccess/TBS73_Yelp-Social-Media.mp3″ title=”Yelp Social Media Tourism Marketing Tips: Travel Business Success 73″ artist=”Tourism Tim Warren & Matt Donzella” ]   Yelp Social Media HIGHLIGHTS: Travel Business Success #73 Learn about the different reasons why Yelp can rock (2:35-3:27) The main aim of marketing with Yelp Social media is to connect businesses to their potential clients. It is a great way for a business to become visible to its audience and to ensure that they can easily find the services they need even when they are out of town. Get insight on the different features of a strong Yelp social media page (5:40-11:00) The first step on getting a great Yelp page is usually to search for your business and see if your business is already on yelp. Features like many photos, contact details, business hours, specialties etc. well customized are key to a great yelp page and business owners should definitely ensure these information is provided. Top tips on how you can get more reviews for your Yelp page (12:30- 15:00) Reviews take time to accumulate and it is no different with the travel business. The best way to get great reviews is to turn “Yelpers into your customers.” This can be done by putting up window stickers with your Yelp address, on your front desk, on social media and anywhere your clients might find them. What are the best way to respond to reviews including bad reviews? (17:12-22:25) Bad days in the travel business are inevitable. Replying to reviews can be tricky but it is important that you reply between 24 – 48hrs especially with the critical reviews. This leaves the possibility of the customer changing the negative review or removing it altogether. Another great tip is to always thank your customers for leaving a review.   Here’s an example of an initial bad review that was radically improved based on the way the management responded. Why does Yelp filters reviews, what are the factors that affect it and how does it work? (26:10-34:12) Yelp has an algorithm that governs reviews and how they appear on different pages. There are different factors that go into reviews being filtered and although it is not a 100% accurate, it is used to filter reviews that may not be from authentic sources and ensure that only real reviews are displayed. This is basically to build the trust amongst yelp users and to reassure customers that a large percentage of the reviews on a particular page are real and can be trusted.   Yelp Social Media Tourism marketing Resources to Save Money & Have More Success To learn more on how you can use Yelp or any social media marketing to grow your tourism business, check out these resources and listen to the show today! Yelp Social Media Marketing Ad Promo code: Q1LOCALBOOST19 Nice blog article on how to get positive social media reviews: https://biz.yelp.com/guide_to_success Yelp for business  owners can search for whatever they want to know: https://www.yelpblog.com/ Thanks for Socially Sharing, Your Questions & Subscribing to Travel Business Success Podcast The information discussed in this podcast are very useful to professionals in the tourism, travel and hospitality business and a great way to get your travel business social media marketing strategies in check. 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