55 minutes | Jun 5, 2019

Tourism Marketing Training | How to Double Your Tourism Leads, Booking and Profits Part I of II | TBS76

Do You need easy tourism marketing training advice from the experts with proven results?  Have you been thinking of the best way to increase your leads and bookings? Do you want to convert more of your web traffic to real bookings? Are your competitors getting more bookings than you, even though you have better service and prices? Want to increase your effectiveness in Tourism marketing? Want to take your tour operator marketing strategies to the next level? Take some time to listen in to part I of this free online tourism marketing training webinar by tour operator expert, Tourism Tim Warren. Tourism Tim shares great insight on tourism advertising with key pointers on what converts travel shoppers into buyers that will take your tour operator business to the next level. How Can You Stand Out From Competition and Increase Your Tourism Bookings The tour operator business niche is quite saturated with a lot of businesses springing up in different parts of the world. Focus is, therefore, being placed on what sets a particular tour operator business apart from the rest. Most times, this is hinged on the strength of the company’s tourism advertising and marketing. All these being said, it is crucial to the success of your tourism business that you place a large emphasis on really understanding the psychology of travel shoppers and what motivates them to make a purchase with one operator over another. It comes down to trust. Listen and learn from this important tourism marketing training to get the necessary knowledge that will put you ahead of the ever-growing competition, and increase your leads and booking guaranteed! Who Is Tourism Tim Warren and Why Should I listen to Him? “Tourism Tim” – Tourism Marketing & Customer Service Expert Tim Warren, commonly known as “Tourism Tim” is a tour operator business and marketing expert with over 35 years of experience in various industries with a common focus on sales, business development, marketing, and entrepreneurial management. He has helped thousands of global tourism companies to increase their leads and promote their tourism business globally through consultations, podcasts, and insightful live and online tourism marketing trainings. He is also an author, adventure traveler and social entrepreneur. Listen or Download Podcast Here [smart_track_player url=”https://media.blubrry.com/travelbusinesssuccess/content.blubrry.com/travelbusinesssuccess/TBS76_Double_Bookings_I.mp3″ title=”TBS76 – How to Double Your Leads, Bookings & Profits, Part I of II” artist=”Tourism Tim Warren” social_linkedin=”true” social_pinterest=”true” ]   How to Double Your Tourism Leads, Booking & Profits, Travel Business Success Webinar Highlights: TBS77 Learn How to Effectively convert Leads and Website Traffic into Real Bookings with Tourism Team’s 3-part tourism marketing training tips. (20:40-31:35) One of the key points of every tourism marketing training list is that your website has to be your biggest marketing tool regardless of whatever ads or promos you are running. Without a consistent generation of leads and sales on your website, you stand a risk of being out of a business regardless of how great your services or prices are. With a “Travel Website that Sells©”, your marketing and advertising costs are reduced drastically and you will generate more leads that translate into bookings with ease. Get Great Insight on What Could Be Causing High Website Bounce Rates and Low Conversion Rates (31:40- 34:50) This is largely hinged on how much your audience know and trust your business. If your services and unique selling point isn’t crystal clear on your website, it belittles all your tour operator marketing strategies and makes your audience uncomfortable with your brand. This could lead to an increase in bounce rates. Find out How a Mobile-Friendly Website can help Reduce Bounce Rates and Increase Leads (35:00- 36:40) The mobile version of your website should definitely reflect the best things about your business. A lot of potential consumers are on the internet all the time and they usually check out a brand on their phones before using a PC. A mobile-friendly website makes your brand easily accessible by your audience and definitely gives you an edge over your competition when it comes to tourism website marketing. Learn About the Key things that Influence the Purchasing Decisions of Consumers (37:00- 41-08) A lot of purchasing decisions are based on several factors like recommendations from past customers, social media reviews, editorial content, and website quality. The focus of any tourism marketing training for tour operator companies should be focused on these factors for best results. The information and strategies discussed in this free travel marketing webinar are incredibly important aspects of tourism marketing training and is a great way to take your tourism advertising strategies to the next level. To get in-depth explanations and information on how to make all your tourism website marketing and tour operator marketing steps work in your favor, Join in Now! How to Double Your leads, Bookings and Profits – New Live Training and Course with Tourism Tim Warren Are you struggling with your getting bookings and sales? Is your website not generating as many leads as you would like? I am passionate about ensuring that all tourism businesses are living up to their potential and that’s why I am starting a live training on June,27th which would feature a lot of amazing resources that will help you increase your sales drastically in no time. This “Double Your Bookings” course will be sold at half the price and will definitely help with fine tuning your website marketing and tourism marketing strategies to set your business on the right path. Watch the Tourism Marketing Training Webinar Replay:  Double Your Tourism Leads, Bookings and Profits Thanks a lot for listening and I am certain you learned a lot from this webinar to help you double your leads, bookings, and website. If you want to see the webinar and get a deeper understanding of the psychology behind travel shopping, visit travelbusinesssuccess.com/double-your-tourism-bookings-free-webinar. I would also like to prepare you for the second part of this amazing webinar which digs into the motivation of travel shoppers and shows you how to leverage this into your marketing strategies. This part will also show you how to build and maintain trust amongst your audience in no time using a simple and proven system.  
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