66 minutes | Jun 30, 2019

Tourism Business Growth Tips for a 7 Figure Tour Business | TBS 78

Do You often feel lost sometimes? Need help with your tourism business growth strategies?  Are you unsure of what exact steps you can take to grow your travel business?  Do you wish you had seasoned and experienced role models in the tourism business that could show you the way?  Well, You’re in luck! Listen in as my guests and I share insightful and ground-breaking tips on how you can grow your tourism business over time.   Tourism Business Growth Strategies: How to Grow & Scale Your Tourism Business in a Competitive Environment The tour operator business is riddled with growing competition every day. Because of this, professionals must always be active in their tourism business growth strategies. These strategies will have to seep into their tourism business management, on and off-line marketing, sales, customer service, and every other aspect to ensure continuous profitable growth. Although sometimes, regardless of the efforts you put in, does it sometimes still feel like your tourism business isn’t growing the way you expect? This is why you need the advice of professionals who have succeeded and have helped many others succeed in the tourism industry. Their experience, successes, failures, and insight will surely give you a clearer perspective of your goals and present situation. This new information will help you map out a clear plan for your tourism business growth. This Travel Business Success Radio podcast features two highly professional tour operator stakeholders and is a sure way to get you started on the right track to tourism business growth.   Let’s Get to Know Our Guests  Josh Oakes – The Sunshine Tribe Josh Oakes  Josh Oakes with his wife started their tour operator business company back in 2002 with no experience, knowledge and no help. They struggled to navigate the industry waters for a couple of years and were taking in as little as $20,000 in revenue yearly. However, they didn’t let the small numbers influence their work ethic. Instead, they kept improving their strategies, lived their lives to the fullest and hired a consultant to learn as much as they could about the industry they were in. Seven years later, their business was raking in about $2million yearly before they decided to sell it off in 2017 for 7 figures. Josh is seasoned, experienced, highly intelligent and a force to reckon with in the travel business industry.   Kelsey Tonner Kelsey Tonner – Be a Better Guide Academy Kelsey is a highly experienced and talented tour guide who is passionate about creating a network of tour operators to come together, liaise and help each other grow. Regardless of where an operator is located in the world, Kelsey believes that we can help ourselves offer memorable experiences to travelers with something as simple as sharing tips and pointers with each other. With over a decade worth of experience in the industry, Kelsey has guided various trips in different countries and continents. He is highly adventurous and always gives great insight into the true state of the travel industry.       Travel Business Success Podcast  #78 Highlights Learn about the Different Challenges that Tour Business Owners Often Face in the Start-up Phase (7-20-13:25)  There are various challenges that tourism business owners face in the early stages of their business. One of the most common ones being the failure or inability to overcome fear. Young operators tend to spend a lot of time worrying about whether they will be successful or not and this affects their output. Also, a lack of networks and connections is a huge challenge that new tour operators face. This is because they tend to be a tad clueless as to the running and workings of the industry and this can reflect as poor tourism business & marketing management.  The lack of diversity and different revenue streams also puts a major strain on the tour business in this baby stage. This is due to the fact that owners in this situation find themselves taking so much from the business without plans to replenish these resources. This definitely stunts their tourism business growth success.  Get Direct Insight on the Major Challenges that Mature Tour Operator Businesses Usually Face (15:30-22:40)  Tour business owners definitely go through certain challenges when their business becomes more mature. This could be due to a higher demand for great tourism business management procedures. Maintaining the quality of your tour and experience is a major challenge for tour businesses in this stage as they are dealing with more people and on a larger scale. There is also a need for business owners to always have great back up plans as regarding staff and service quality. Also, taking time to clearly map out the responsibilities of each employee and ensuring they fully understand their various job descriptions will definitely help deal with some of the setbacks you might experience in this stage of your tour operator business. These challenges have to be well overcome for your tourism growth strategies to be effective at all.   Learn About Seven Specific Steps/Factors That Are Critical to Tourism Business Growth (23:30-46:00)  Factors ranging from vision, customer service, quality, etc., to a great knowledge of your audience and customer base are great steps to master to build a concrete tourism business growth. These factors will determine how well your business will thrive regardless of what season or time of the year it is. Also, these factors are what keeps your tour operator business appealing to your audience. Not only do they reflect how professional and capable your team is, but they also build a deep trust for your brand in the minds of your audience and keeps them locked onto your services. These steps devised by Josh and Kelsey and that Tourism Tim helps clients with too have been tested and trusted by many professionals in the industry and they always yield incredible results.   Consistent tourism business growth is definitely not a feat that is achieved in one day or month. It is one that requires a series of conscious and deliberate efforts on your part and that of your team with a clear vision of your vision and where you’re headed. However, with great pointers from Josh, Kelsey and Tourism Tim, you are definitely on your way to great tourism business management which will immediately translate into exponential growth. To achieve this goal and more, listen in today!    Free 7-Figure Tour Business Training Webinar & Opportunity to Get “How to Double Your Leads, Bookings and Profits – On & Off-Line for FREE (a US$395 value) If you like the guidance that Kelsey and Josh are providing, and you decide to get their course, I will sweeten the deal by giving you free access to my “Double Your Leads, Bookings & Profits live training with me which is the perfect compliment course. (a US$395 value) This live training with me starts at the end of July.  Just send me your verification. It’s the perfect complement to their program. [/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]
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