44 minutes | Mar 29, 2019

Tourism Booking Systems – Common Misinterpretations & Tips To Increase Your Bookings | Travel Business Success 74

Have you been thinking of new ways to increase bookings via online tourism booking systems? Are you curious about new tourism marketing strategies that could bring a boost to your online bookings? Do you want to know more about attraction marketing and how it can influence your online tourism booking engines?  Then listen in today as Stephanie Kutschera; Head of Marketing, in Trekksoft and I tackle many of the looming questions you might have on how to increase bookings on your tourism booking systems, lower marketing costs, increase distributions and boost revenue sources. Also be sure to check out my free webinar below on how to double your website bookings and revenue. Why are Online Booking Systems So Important? Over the years, the growth of tourism booking systems has made it incredibly easy for people to have direct access to hotels and accommodation all at the click of a button. This also makes it easy for tourism and travel businesses to increase their customer reach and book more clients in no time. Therefore, understanding the workings of tourism booking systems and how to tweak the to work in favor of your travel business will definitely put you at the top of your niche. The best way to do this is via tourism marketing and we have just the right expert to tell you exactly how it’s done.   Let’s Get to Know Stephanie (1:54-2:35) Stephanie is originally from Scotland. She has been in marketing for over 8 years and has worked with multiple companies and hotel groups in the United Kingdom with the most recent being Trekksoft. She joined Trekksoft as part of the marketing team before being becoming the head. Her job description entails to curate and oversee great and appealing content that keeps their audience engaged. she also oversees all marketing strategies at Treksoft on a global level. Listen or Download Podcast Here [smart_track_player url=”http://media.blubrry.com/travelbusinesssuccess/content.blubrry.com/travelbusinesssuccess/TBS74_Online-Tourism-Booking-Systems.mp3″ title=”TBS 74: Online Tourism Booking Systems Tips to Increase Your Booking” artist=”Tourism Tim Warren” social_linkedin=”true” ] Online Tourism Booking Systems | Common misperceptions & Tips to Increase Bookings  – Travel Business Success Podcast Show Highlights Learn About Free Online Booking Systems and How to Get one (4:20-6:59) These are online booking systems that more or less pass on the entire cost of bookings to the customers, only charging a transaction fee when a booking is made. The key part about these booking systems is ensuring that they are well integrated into your travel business. This way, all traffic, bookings and engagement you get via the booking systems are centralized and can easily be tracked. Find Out How Online Booking Systems Increase Bookings (17:13-22:30) Tourism booking systems enables users to book online and get all the information they need about a particular listing really boosts the amount of bookings a customer gets. This is because it makes the entire process a lot easier and more transparent for the customer and helps them make quicker and better buying decisions. It also helps travel businesses decrease their marketing costs by a huge percentage and allows these funds to be channeled towards other parts of the business. Learn About What Benefits Tourism Booking Systems Give to their Users (25:10-29:00) With the really low transaction fee and round the clock access to the desired audience demographic, there are a wide range of benefits these booking systems offer to their users. It creates a direct channel to your audience, builds trust and increases sales. Learn more About Trekksoft (30:00) Learn how Treksoft operates and the various benefits they offer to their customers and how they keep them connected to their various audiences. The information discussed in this podcast will definitely show you the value of online tourism booking systems and how crucial they are to the growth and advancement of any travel or tourism business. To learn how you can get an online booking system and use it to your advantage, listen Now! Sign Up For My Upcoming Workshop to Help Increase Your Bookings   Thanks for Socially Sharing, Your Questions & Subscribing to Travel Business Success Podcast The information discussed in this podcast are very useful to professionals in the tourism, travel and hospitality business and a great way to get your travel business social media marketing strategies in check.  
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