42 minutes | Apr 19, 2019

Facebook Tourism Advertising Tips | Online Travel Marketing with Tourism Tim & Chris Torres | TBS 75

Are you curious about how Facebook tourism advertising can play a role on your tourism marketing to increase bookings? Do you want to know the right ways to harness the true potentials of Facebook advertising and social media marketing for the tourism stakeholders? Do you have unanswered questions on Facebook travel advertising? Then take some time to listen in as Chris Torres, a tourism and digital marketing expert and Tourism Tim Warren discuss the impact of Facebook on the tourism business. Chris and Tourism Tim answer top frequently asked questions on how tourism, travel and hospitality professionals can use this amazing tool to generate more quality leads and bookings. Facebook Tourism Advertising Tips to Market Your Tours, Lodging & Activities. Part I Successful travel marketers are also "media companies" that provide expert helpful advice. In part 1 of this 5-part series, find out why Facebook Tourism advertising can be very profitable. To listen or download the entire Travel Business Success Podcast and get additional free tips, go to: https://www.travelbusinesssuccess.com/facebook-tourism-advertising/ #travelmarketing #tourismdfacebookadvertising #Christorres #TourismTimWarren #traveladvertising #touroperatormarketing #travelbusinessadvertising Does Facebook Advertising for Tour Operators Suck? Top Tips to Increase Bookings and ROI: Part II Facebook tourism advertising can yield incredible results when utilized properly. Watch part of 2 of this 5-part mini-training with top tips that include: re-targeting, using “Value Propositions”, and promotion codes to generate leads and bookings For more tips and to hear the whole Travel Business Success Podcast, go here: https://www.travelbusinesssuccess.com/facebook-tourism-advertising/ #Facebooktourismadvertising #tourismadvertising #tourismsocialmediaadvertising #ChrisTorres #TourismTim Best Facebook Ads Tour Operators Use to Increase Customer Awareness & Trust, Part 3 of 5 Key points on Facebook tourism advertising: What are the best ads that generate the most views and leads? How can you best track your Facebook ads and results? When are Facebook ads a great way to attract prospects to your page? For more tips and to hear the whole Travel Business Success Podcast, go here: https://www.travelbusinesssuccess.com/facebook-tourism-advertising/ 4 Steps to the Perfect Facebook Video Ad Sequence for Tourism Marketing: Part 4 Did you know that the best Facebook video ads are done in a sequence of 4 over time? Join us and learn how to why effective Facebook tourism advertising is about building trust and relationships, how to let your clients do your selling for you and when is the best time to ask for the sale? For more tips and to hear the whole Travel Business Success Podcast, go here: https://www.travelbusinesssuccess.com/facebook-tourism-advertising/ Load more   Why is this Facebook Important for Travel Marketing? It is no news that the tourism business is highly competitive. Different tour operator, lodges, attractions and travel vendors like you should always be looking for ways to stand out from your competition and attract more clients. This should make you highly focused on re-strategizing and improving your marketing strategies to appeal to their various audience demographics. Digital marketing must play a major role in tour operator businesses. Social media tourism marketing is the direct link between you and your clients. Facebook is one of the major and most popular digital marketing tools tour operators employ in their marketing strategies when done right… Facebook has over 2 billion active followers and has proven to be a highly effective digital marketing tool. Facebook’s algorithm knows its users to a large extent and this factor allows users to advertise their businesses in a highly targeted way. All these being said, it is imperative that tourism, travel and hospitality business operators take advantage of the marketing goldmine that is Facebook. If you want to learn how to leverage this amazing marketing platform to your advantage, you have come to the right place.   This Travel Business Success podcast episode #75 takes you right into the intricacies of Facebook travel advertising and how you can tap into its seemingly unending resources for the growth of your travel business. FACEBOOK TOURISM ADVERTISING – TRAVEL BUSINESS SUCCESS 75 SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Are you a tour operator, lodge, hotel, attraction or travel agent and you tried out Facebook advertising and didn’t get any returns? Learn how to get the fundamentals right to get the best result (8:20-9:57) A lot of people get put off Facebook travel advertising after a few trials because they target the wrong audience and get the fundamentals totally wrong. The targeting accuracy on Facebook is pretty high and with the right tweaks, users will definitely get the best results. Is Facebook really a good platform for increasing my leads and bookings? (11:29-12:40) This largely depends on how users utilize the platform. Facebook tourism advertising can yield incredible results when utilized properly. It can also yield little or no results when users are more focused on immediate sales than creating appealing and consistent content to attract their desired audience. What are the best Facebook ads tourism operators can run to increase customer awareness and build trust? (17:09-21:50) The best ads usually start with a downloadable guide, Facebook pixel to keep track of traffic, the actual ad and of course, an ad that clicks back to the user’s email or website. Facebook video tourism advertising is also a great way to attract the audience to your page. Find out how the cost of Facebook tourism advertising can differ radically based on your location. (24:50-29:00) Facebook tourism advertisements definitely differ based on the location of the user. This is because some locations are way more competitive than others. However, if a user is in a location like Brazil or Mexico, he can advertise very cheaply on the platform. What are the best and most profitable types of Facebook travel advertising to run? (30:00-30:50) This largely depends on the user’s kind of audience. Are they more attracted to Facebook video tourism advertising strategies? Or do they appear to like single image or carousel ads? Users are advised to try different kinds of ads, monitor the results and find the one yielding more results. Facebook tourism advertising is very important to the growth of any travel business. It’s time tour operators begin to utilize the many available tools of the platform. If you are clueless or confused on how to get started, then LISTEN to this episode of Travel Business Success Radio Podcast NOW! How to Double Your Leads, Bookings and Profits Online with Tourism Tim Warren April 25 & May 1, 2019   Here’s the sad truth about the global tourism, travel or hospitality business. No matter what you offer, where or how long you have or have not been doing it… Without quality leads and booking, you will be out business. That’s why it is CRITICAL you learn, understand and apply my proven system which taps into the “Purchasing Psychology” of travel shoppers. Join me and fellow global tourism peers and learn how to influence your best prospects behavior and get them to book and recommend you.
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