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A Proven Tourism Marketing System: Free Mini-Training | TBS 80

  Social Proof Tourism Marketing© Free Mini-Training Special 5-Part  A Proven Tourism Marketing System Part-2 Hey, good day, folks, it’s Tourism Tim Warren here with a special mini-training dedicated to helping you double your tourism leads, double your bookings, double your profits, especially online and without being a tech wizard.  This is going to be a 4 or 5-part mini-training on something I’ve been using for many, many years and other tourism professionals that are highly successful worldwide use too. It is a special tourism marketing and strategy system I am packaging and going to give to you, called “Social Proof Tourism Marketing ©.”   So, this top marketing strategy that has helped me and countless people all over the world radically increase their leads, their sales, their bookings, will also increase your profits. Once you understand this scientifically proven strategy and you start applying it to all your tourism marketing, what you’re going to see is that your leads and bookings are going to go up and your profits are going to go up too. And the coolest thing is that you don’t have to be a tech wizard. You don’t have to be a marketing master. And you don’t have to spend more money buying traffic or being worried about SEO.  Prev 1 of 1 Next Social Proof Tourism Marketing©: How to Double Your Tourism Leads, Bookings & Profits - Part 2 of 5 This proven strategy is one of the top Corona Virus tourism marketing strategies for you to learn and apply to survive and thrive during tough economic times from global health, financial and political instability. *** Key Points **** 1: What are the most effective tourism marketing strategies? 2: How can you increase your website leads and bookings WITHOUT more traffic and technology. This is part 2 of a 5-part special FREE mini-training dedicated to helping you double or more your tourism leads, bookings, and profits, especially online and without being a tech wizard. This strategies shared in this mini-training is a proven method I’ve been using for many, many years and is highly used worldwide by other successful tourism professionals too. It is a special tourism marketing and strategy system I have packaged and copyrighted that I am going to give to you, called “Social Proof Tourism Marketing ©. To listen to the entire series, see more show notes and tips and get access to a free 25-point travel website success checklist, go to: https://www.travelbusinesssuccess.com/how-to-double-your-leads-bookings-and-profits-special-series/ Prev 1 of 1 Next This is about getting more bookings from your existing traffic.  So, let’s do a quick review of what I covered in Episode 1.  I talked about the common issue we all face. I don’t care if you’re in Timbuktu or Toledo, China or South Africa, if you’re in the tourism, travel, hospitality or attraction trade, or even if you’re a travel agent, we all face the same thing.   How do you get more people to make an inquiry, and more importantly, make a booking with us? And how do you do this online since it’s your doorway to the world?   Your website is your brochure and doorway to the world.  So the really big question is, how can you get more leads and bookings – without traffic and being a technology master.   Let me just give you a quick review of my background.  I’ve been in the tourism business for over thirty years helping my brother start grow a fly-in adventure travel ecotourism tour company in Baja, Mexico. We’ve done very well.  Over the last twenty years, we got involved with ecotours and lodges. I’m really proud to say that Las Animas Ecolodge is the #1 specialty lodging in TripAdvisor for Baja, California out of about 280 properties. And all of this knowledge that I’ve gained, I’ve been helping  global tourism industry professionals succeed, with a focus on business, marketing, sales, management, operations, and now, exit planning and mergers and acquisitions. I am dedicated to helping people just like you start, plan, scale and now, exit their business successfully and have a fun profitable journey along the way. 🙂  So my tourism marketing system I’m going to share with you, has been proven around the world. It is used by big and small operations with lots of experience, as well as with no experience in tourism marketing.  And when they successfully applied my “Social Proof Tourism Marketing” © system, they had great results.   So, here’s the core question that you should always be asking yourself,  ihw do people make purchase decisions? How do they choose you?   But before we go there, I want you to take a look at your own purchase decisions.  How do you make a purchase decision? What’s the number one thing that helps you decide what to buy, where to purchase, what to eat, what movie to watch, what car to buy, what trip to take, where to go, what hotel to stay in?   The same exact research, choices and decisions that you’re making, are exactly what your travel prospects are having to do, too.   Are you sometimes overwhelmed with choices?  Heck, yes, there’s a ton of places. Are you sometimes confused?  Absolutely. Well, guess what, so are your prospects. Many of the same issues and decisions that we face, our travel consumers are doing the same thing thought and psychological decision process.   So, it’s really important to tap into their decision-making process, to learn how to tap into the proven the “psychological triggers” that help create trust. You want to help create a sense for travel shoppers that, “Wow, I’m making a good choice booking with you.”  This is the basis of my system; Social Proof Tourism Marketing©.  It’s a proven concept. It is a form of marketing communication that taps into this proven psychology that all consumers and all travel shoppers are making no matter where you are in the world and no matter what kind of tour or travel or attraction you’re up to. This all applies. It all comes down to establishing and improving trust so that a potential consumer wants to know more about who you are and decide to choose you and give you money.  We have to establish trust on who we are and we have to help that consumer feel good about their purchase.   When you know how to help travel shoppers have confidence  that they’re making the right decision, they will book with you. Here’s an interesting part about this whole process, establishing trust and tapping into this proven psychology and communicating, has to happen really quick.   When was the last time you looked at your Google Analytics on your website?   Do you see how quickly people come and go to your website on average?  How about your bounce rate? That’s what Google determines when people are spending ten seconds or less at your website.  Most of us have higher bounce rates that we’d like to have. But how can you possibly establish trust if people are only at your website in a minute or two?  There is a way, and that’s what I’m going to give you in this series. You have to know how to establish trust, and communicate this, literally in seven to ten seconds, so that travel shoppers get it.  That of all the choices out there, you’re a good potential choice. They want to learn more and go deeper into your marketing messaging.   How about when someone does a search for perhaps a tour that’s in your area or attraction or lodging, do they have choices?  Do you have some competition? Heck, yes, every business has got competition. It doesn’t matter whether they’re down the street or in the same space.  My brother Kevin and I know, we are not the only cool ecotourism lodge in the world. Hell no. There are tons of them. And so consumers are overwhelmed. So, Here is One of the Success Keys to Social Proof Tourism Marketing©.   It’s about establishing experience, quality and safety, and it has to happen in seven to ten seconds.  How many of you have heard me talk about the Big 3?  The Big 3 as I define it, and I have been teaching on this for well over twenty years. It is something that all travel shoppers and all travel consumers want to know in seven to ten seconds, to help them move from being a “stranger to a friend and a friend, into customer over time”. And it all starts with these Big 3.   What are the “Big 3 of Tourism Marketing©”?   They want to know: Someone traveled before them; meaning you have some experience, you just didn’t start last week and you’re hoping for your first client. Those people had a good time; meaning you run great trips, your lodging is good, your travel services are great or your destination is awesome. They want to know nobody died; and what I mean by that is that safety is a number one concern and focus of your operation; your tour, your lodging, your destination.  They want to know they are going to be safe. Is that reasonable? Communicating experience, quality and safety, fast and effectively in all your tourism marketing is the “Big 3” for tourism shoppers.  It is the essence of my tourism marketing system called Social Proof Tourism Marketing©.   So, in the next couple of parts of this series, we’re going to get into this. I’m going to specifically talk about: What’s in it for you when you learn about this tourism marketing system How it can radically increase your leads and your profits  How you will spend less time selling How this will increase your value per sale. How you will get more referrals and repeat business.   We’re going to talk about why this tourism marketing system is important, and why this is a really good investment of your time and energy to learn this and to understand this concept., I am going to show you how to apply this way beyond your website, but you need to start with your website because that’s your doorway to the world. I’m also going to prove this to you.  Don’t just believe me. I want to share the science behind this.  What’s the psychology behind this? Where did this all come from, and how have I crafted it to apply to tourism. I want to show you some specific global research that proves and backs up what I’m talking about.  And then we’re going to talk about how to apply that.   So, this is Tourism Tim signing off.  I really appreciate you watching and listening.  If you have a question or comments or you’re confused about my tourism marketing system, I want you to wherever you’re watching this, write your comments down below. Whether it’s on YouTube or on Travel Business Success or maybe you saw this on a Facebook group, please write your questions and comments down below.   Again, I really appreciate your time.  I really look forward to sharing some of these insights that have helped me and countless other tourism professionals be really successful. I really appreciate you sharing this because we’re all in this together. The more we can all learn, grow and succeed together, the better off we all are.  Tourism Tim signing off. Thank you so much.  
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