81 minutes | Jul 30th 2019

021: How To Support Our Men w/ Dr. Juan Rios Jr.

I am thrilled to introduce you to my trauma brother, Dr. Juan Rios Jr. We are going to talk about some of the work he’s doing, what he’s learned about working with high-level athletes and people of color, what unhealthy attachment is, and more. This episode is guaranteed to inspire you and give you some everyday tools.

Dr. Rios starts off by telling us about the workplace that he has built, explaining that it’s a collaborative space where therapists work with him, not for him. The team is very diverse and represents almost every aspect of culture, socio-economic experience, modality, and more.

There are conscience, micro decisions that we have to make to move towards change. Dr. Rios asserts that when there is one injustice happening, we must act as if it is injustice for all. He says that we can tear down social constructs without creating false narratives, and I add in how I feel that this affects Asian-Americans.

A conversation begins about masculinity, with Dr. Rios talking about a type of personal work that men have to do which women can’t do for them. We hear about the language that he believes men need to create and become comfortable in. He states that if truly being a man means being “strong,” men should be strong enough to use loving words.

I ask Dr. Rios what one thing is that he wishes people would do to change the trajectory that we live in. He responds that the obvious answer is therapy and provides his insight on why it is so beneficial.

Rios Therapeutic Solutions: https://www.riostherapeuticsolutions.com/

Dr. Rios on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juan.riosjr/

Dr. Rios’ Email: juan.riosjr@gmail.com


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