46 minutes | Mar 19th 2019

020: How To Deal With Disappointments In Life w/ Lee Kemp

It’s time to pick up your slice of humble pie and buckle up to listen to Lee Kemp, multi-award winning national wrestling legend, talk with me about the challenges and thrills he’s faced during his decade-spanning career. An overarching theme of our conversation today is on the subject of humility, especially why this is such an important trait to have as an athlete. We touch on Lee’s incredible past and what some other vital traits athletes should have in order to succeed. A little known fact about Lee Kemp is that he actually didn’t like wrestling when he first joined his high school wrestling team. Struggling with disappointment over not making the basketball team, Lee joined the wrestling team as a freshman, two years after most kids start learning the sport. But when he started winning matches almost immediately, his feelings towards wrestling changed from indifference to love. In this episode, Lee and I talk about disappointment and why it will probably still live with you even decades after the event. It’s okay to still feel that disappointment, but it’s not okay to have it dictate your life. Lee has used his Olympic disappointment to help him coach athletes and make a difference in their lives. We also look at the baggage we all carry around. We all usually attribute baggage to negative life experiences, but that’s not always the baggage we have. Sometimes, our baggage is our positive life experiences that we’re not living anymore. But a big theme in this episode is humility. Learning to be humble is one of the most important things you can do in life. Humility will positively impact your life at all points: your professional career, in sports, and your personal interactions. How do you stay humble? Have you suffered a huge disappointment? Do you make a point to celebrate other people’s success? Let me know in the comments on the episode page! In This Episode: How to deal with massive disappointment and loss, even decades after it happened Why you can often get more satisfaction watching someone else’s success How baggage can be more than just negative past experiences Why it’s so important to stay humble for both your career and personal life Why you need to have a sense of arrogance in sports, especially wrestling How to handle abrupt changes in your life   Quotes: “Just keep it moving forward instead of looking back. Because, for some people, that’s all they have [an accomplishment] from 20-30 years ago.” (18:14) “If you don’t pay your rent today, you’re out. Doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, the rent’s due every day. And if you’re not prepared to go to work tomorrow, you’re not gonna have the success. And life is that way. You’ve gotta put that effort into everyday living. You have to put it into relationships.” (20:53) “Anyone can be beaten, even you.” (30:06) “Take the focus off of yourself and try to help other people.” (42:04)   Links Find Lee Kemp Online Follow Lee Kemp on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Watch Wrestled Away: The Lee Kemp Story   If you liked this episode, you should probably check out these past episodes: 018: How To Turn Tragedy Into Fuel For Living Your Best Life w/ Steve Datte 005: Why You NEED To Learn How To Set & Enforce Strict Boundaries w/ Kyree Oliver 002: What It Looks Like To Keep Fighting When Times Get Tough w/ Sifu Alex Richter   Come hang out with an amazing group of badass women in a private, supportive community, Bad-Ass Women Owning Sexy Check out the full show notes for this episode! Keep up with me and everything Trauma To Triumph Follow me on Instagram | Facebook
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