25 minutes | Feb 12th 2019

017: How To Guard, Maintain, and Replenish Your Energy w/ Kim Bao

If you find that you’re dragging yourself through the day with absolutely zero energy, you’re not alone. An alarming amount of people have a severe lack of energy - and I used to be one of them. Can you believe that I actually used to fall asleep in school? Like, head in textbook, passed out?

When we’re children, having energy is just something that comes naturally. But as we get older, from teenage years and up, hormonal changes can cause our bodies to just be huge energy sucking machines. But it is possible to rebuild our energy reserves.

Today on the show, I’m talking about my own personal journey from having literally no energy to having so much, it’s pretty much a never-ending flow. I’m giving you my top ten list of ways to naturally increase your energy and letting you know why it’s so vital to prioritize energy in your life.

The biggest and, perhaps most important, factor to rebuilding your energy levels is to find and practice something that brings you joy. I’m not talking about buying a new pair of shoes and feeling happy at that - I mean something that sets your soul on fire and brings you purpose.

Then I’m going through the rest of my list: getting enough sleep, exercising every day, playing and having fun, eating well, and practicing meditation. These are all pretty straightforward, easy to implement steps, but the fact is that so many people don’t do them! That’s why I’m talking about them today.

Do you keep a daily journal? Do you build rest and recovery time into your life? How do you prioritize self-care and meditation?


In This Episode:

  • How to be calmer
  • What energy is, exactly
  • How to guard and lift your energy and why you need to
  • How to create joy internally
  • How helping people can drain your energy
  • Why you need to learn how to say no and hold yourself accountable
  • How energy can help rebuild your energy levels
  • Why proper nutrition is essential to building your energy levels
  • Why you should practice gratitude every single day



“Harnessing good energy is following what brings you joy.” (5:08)

“Understanding the importance of play and learning to build it into your daily life is a huge game changer.” (6:36)

“Journaling is critical to having an objective understanding of what it is we’re working on and what’s working and isn’t working.” (14:27)



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