58 minutes | Jan 1st 2019

011: How To Allow Your Passions To Dictate Your Future w/ Wynona Karbo

When it comes to owning your own business, is it better to start from scratch or buy an already existing one? I’ve known today’s guest, Wynona Karbo, from my previous job as a financial advisor, where I helped get her the finance secured to choose the latter. Wynona, who’s an avid dog lover and used to dogsit up to 15 pets at a time(!!) bought Ahimsa Dog Training school in Broward, Washington.

We get into the nitty-gritty of facing your fears when doing something completely scary and out of your comfort zone - like buying a business. We’re also talking about what it takes to be a business owner in today’s competitive world, how to balance your passions with the operational side of a business, and why you need to be connected to your business at all levels.

Are you thinking of buying an existing business? How do you make sure you have enough time for your passions while owning a business? Do you know how to build the right culture for your company? Leave me a comment on the episode page!


In This Episode:

  • What benefits Wynona found from buying Ahimsa dog training instead of being an employee of another dog training center
  • How to overcome the fear of doing something outside your comfort zone
  • How to stay grounded and trust that a process is going to work itself out
  • What it’s like to transition from owning a business to being an employee, and then back to owning a business
  • Why it’s so helpful to have weekly check-ins with your employees
  • How to have the ability to remove yourself from the things that you absolutely love, into more of the operational side of the business, yet still feel connected



“Kids definitely watch more what you do than what you say.” 8.58

“What if you don’t take a path you want to, and instead have to watch it fall into somebody else’s hands.” 12.08

“It felt like it made sense, even if I couldn’t see everything that came with it.” 12.45

“It’s one thing to have to reassure investors, but it’s another thing to reassure investors while trying to reassure yourself, and trying to run a business.” 20.05

“Can you lose the ego and can you understand what’s really going on in your company culture?” 29.28

“Look at why you’re procrastinating and get the answers so you can move forward.” 42.30



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