59 minutes | Dec 20th 2018

009: The Importance of Spiritual Wellbeing On All Aspects Of Your Life w/ Exavier Pope

It’s not often you get to meet and chat with someone who seemingly has it all together, but today’s guest, Exavier Pope, has definitely got it going on. Exavier is a sports lawyer who owns his own law firm, a yoga teacher, father, vegan, freestyle rapper, content creator, humanitarian, and a man of God. In this episode, we talk about how Exavier’s spiritual journey has positively impacted his mental health, physical wellbeing, and the lives of his family.

We covered so many different topics and I left the conversation feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the world. Exavier is embarking on a keto cleanse for the first 19 days of 2019, but will his gluten-free and vegan lifestyle hinder that plan? We also touch on subjects around yoga, spirituality, freestyle rap, and how he walks with his family through every aspect of his life.

How do you stay focused on your spiritual, physical, and mental wellness? Do you involve your children in your spiritual journey? What steps do you take to control negative emotions in your life? Let me know in the comments on the episode page!


In This Episode:

  • What intermittent fasting is and how it works
  • How the discipline of intermittent fasting led Exavier to start a yoga journey, which in turn led to a gluten-free and vegan diet
  • How yoga can impact your health, wellness, and appearance
  • Why Exavier and most of his family have gone vegan and what that transformation process looked like for them
  • What are negative emotions and how we can help control them



“My spiritual wellness brought in my physical and mental wellness. I strongly advise people to have a practice that’s grounded to who they are.” (8:07)

“My life is not a typical life, so I’m not going to be doing typical stuff.” (18:11)

“Fasting gives you that opportunity to be, not necessarily physically filled, but still nourished in the process.” (27:10)

“There’s no such thing as being a non-participatory citizen. You participate in the system one way or the other.” (44:41)

“I believe that our prayers should be connected. Our hands pressed together should be connected to our feet touching the ground.” (49:23)


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