58 minutes | Dec 18th 2018

008: Overcoming Physical & Mental Stressors Through Cryotherapy w/ Joel Cruzada

Cryotherapy and float therapy are two treatments that have swept the nation by storm. Both of these recovery options help to treat both physical and mental stressors. Today’s guest, Joel Cruzada, has been a devout cryotherapy provider for years, but now he’s breaking out into the world of men’s coaching.

A fun fact about Joel is that he used the Law of Attraction to help manifest $20,000 into his life. He uses this same drive and ambition to fuel his personal and business life. Joel also ensures he weaves faith and God into his message.

Is your body spending enough time in Theta state? Do you prioritize recovery therapy after you’ve been working out? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!

In This Episode:

  • How our actions can sometimes hinder our children’s pursuit of their purpose and how we can instead nurture this adventure
  • How parents accidentally condition their children to be afraid
  • Why you need to impart good lessons for your children to carry through legacy
  • How to sleep, and specifically Theta state, genuinely helps you heal physical, mental, and emotional trauma and how we can get there
  • Why recovery is so vital to physical and mental healing
  • What the benefits of cryotherapy and float therapy are and how these therapies work



“Legacy dies with you if you don’t empty your cup.” 9.48

“Any type of fear is what will create trauma in your children.” 13.53

“The biggest difference between an amateur and a professional is that a professional knows that they have to build in recovery.” 31.57

“If a child is very active in sports, you should teach them all about recovery processes as well.” 47.38

“Loving and understanding all will open up so many more doors in your life.” 50.02


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