71 minutes | Dec 16th 2018

007: Reshaping Men's Presence In The World w/ Sharif Joynson

When it comes to embodying the masculine and feminine parts of your personality, it can be a challenge. Guest Sharif H. Joynson, is a martial artist and embodiment coach. His latest book, The Relationship Samurai, will help men get in touch with their masculine side by looking at real samurai techniques while living from the heart. The concept behind Sharif’s teachings is to open your heart but keep hold of your balls. Sounds bold? In this interview, we tackle issues that affect not only men but women, who struggle to come to terms with all aspects of their personalities. Do you feel the need to be the protector of your life and relationships? How do you prioritize intimacy with your partner? Do you feel in touch with both the masculine and feminine aspects of your personality? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!   In This Episode: How to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of your personality How can you forgive and find sources of healing when you’ve been wronged early in life Why it is so vital to address issues at the time they happen instead of pushing something off - and what message delaying an important conversation can have How our world has changed and most people are just learning about feeling validity, holding space, etc How you can start teaching emotional intelligence and how can you get male partners interested in learning this for themselves How women can better support the men in their lives   Quotes: “Invulnerability has been the platform for my practice of vulnerability. It’s a safety net.” 19.08 “Most of the time, we as kids have something happened to us and are like “we should have known better,” but really, how could we have known better?” 24.09 “Emotional intelligence (EQ) is not something that comes naturally.” 32.10 “If I want something I’ve never had, I’m gonna have to do something I’ve never done.” 35.41 “If everybody learned to take a conscious breath every now and then, throughout the day, to drop into the present moment, it totally changes your nervous system and state of consciousness. You open yourself up to mindfulness.” 47.30 “Men feel safer and able to drop into this healthy masculine place when they feel women are making an effort to relax into their feminine. And then feminine beings will feel more trusted when they see men doing likewise.” 52.28 Links Find Sharif H. Joynson Online | Instagram | Facebook Pick up The Relationship Samurai for Yourself   If you liked this episode, you should probably check out these past episodes: 001: Alex Ritcher 002: Dr. AnnMaria De Mars Come hang out with an amazing group of badass women in a private, supportive community, Bad-Ass Women Owning Sexy Check out the full show notes for this episode! Keep up with me and everything Trauma To Triumph Follow me on Instagram | Facebook
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