69 minutes | Dec 11th 2018

005: Why You NEED To Learn How To Set & Enforce Strict Boundaries w/ Kyree Oliver

Setting boundaries and expectations up front is the key to any successful business and personal relationship. I’m talking to Kyree Oliver about the importance of clear communication, why it’s so easy to learn what you don’t want out of a relationship, and how women can express the masculine aspect of their personality while still allowing their male partner to feel validated.

Kyree is a successful marketing entrepreneur, but his roots are in college football. After leaving his scholarship behind, he spent years interviewing over 600 people from all walks of life about love, friendship, relationships, money, death, and more.

Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation between a work contract and a crisis? How do you make your expectations clear when entering into a relationship? Is it possible to be in a relationship while owning both the masculine and feminine sides of your personality? I'd love to hear your experience in the comments!

In This Episode:

  • How racial descriptions have evolved over time and why it matters
  • How to know when you need to draw a line under something that’s bringing you pain, stress, or discomfort
  • Why having a zero tolerance policy in regards to boundaries might be necessary when building personal relationships
  • What men perceive they should be doing versus what women perceive should be happening
  • Why you should make sure your expectations are made clear from the beginning of any relationship
  • How women can speak up and express what they want while protecting the male ego



“When I set up my boundaries ahead of time, I don’t have to think when that happens, I just do what I know I’m supposed to do.” (9:38)

“There’s no limit to where I’ll go when I really believe in something, or when I really care about somebody.” (15:54)

“The more we can learn from other people, the easier it will be to be grounded and not have to go through a traumatic or crazy situation in order to obtain that.” (18:54)

“You have to tell most men explicitly ‘here’s what I need from you’” (39:15)

“Real masculinity is holding space for women. Real masculinity is making men feel like they can tell men the difficult things that they don’t want to see sometimes because women have to protect man’s ego.” (41:55)

“Honour the shit that you’ve been through so that you can love yourself the way you are today.” (57:25)


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