44 minutes | Dec 9th 2018

004: Learning To Trust & Love After An Abusive Relationship w/ Melinda Hopper

Telling someone they should leave an abusive relationship is easy. But for the person inside that abuse, leaving could be the farthest thing from easy. Today’s guest, and my good friend, Melinda Hopper, was in an abusive relationship for years… until one day in 2011, she realized her husband was going to kill her and her kids.

From waiting 37 minutes for 911 to respond to her call to finding inner peace and learning how to trust and love again, this is her story of resilience. Melinda has worked to overcome her trauma to have a life truly full of joy and happiness.

There's too much to Melinda's story to explain in writing, so listen to the full episode to hear her share the full story.

Are you in, or have you been in, a traumatic situation you aren’t sure you’ll get through? What methods do you use to get through triggering situations? How do you talk to your children about rape culture? Please keep this vital conversation going in the comments


In This Episode:

  • How to remain positive and have perseverance and grounding through hardship and trauma
  • Why you don’t need someone to rescue you from abusive situations and you need to be the hero yourself
  • What support options are available to help abused women
  • How to know what your triggers are and how to deal with the emotions that come from being triggered
  • How to find your way back to life after traumatic experiences
  • Why changing the conversation about rape matters



“When you have physical injuries, the scars sometimes stay. But the emotional and mental scars are really where the damage is done in these relationships.” (3:16)

“You can know when something is going to build into a trigger, but you won’t always know when something’s going to be a lightning-fast trigger.” (21:01)

“It didn’t matter what I did, I didn’t deserve the abuse. And it didn’t matter what I didn’t do, I didn’t deserve it. It was all the abuser. They did this.” (32:05)

“It doesn’t matter what we do or say to ourselves, you still have the potential to be a victim. You cannot control what other people do.” (33:53)


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