75 minutes | Dec 4th 2018

002: What It Looks Like To Keep Fighting When Times Get Tough w/ Sifu Alex Richter

Martial arts is more than just a drop-in activity where you can get fit. Wing Tsun Kung Fu is a dedicated practice that can change your life, just as it did for Sifu Alex Richter, owner of City Wing Tsun in New York City. In fact, this style of kung fu didn’t just change Alex’s life, it saved it.

Since he was 8 years old, martial arts has called to Sifu Alex Richter. Once he left high school, Alex spent 3 years training 30 hours a week at Langenzell Castle in Germany, the former headquarters for the European WingTsun Organization (EWTO). He continues his training by traveling to Hong Kong to study with a Wing Tsun master at least twice a year.

I’ve actually known Alex since we were both in school and sitting down to record this episode was a real pleasure. We talked about pursuing your passion, marketing strategies, and then we get intimate and talk about the hard times Alex has been through.

Have you ever pursued your passion rather than a traditional career route (school, college, full-time job)? If so, what adventures has that led you on? Have you ever had depression?


In This Episode:

  • Who Sifu Alex Richter’s role model is and how he first became interested in martial arts
  • Why Alex decided to ignore the naysayers and pursue kung fu rather than something to fall back on
  • How Alex knew what he was destined to do with his life and when he fell in love with it
  • Why taking a one hour class or tutorial doesn’t mean you’ve learned something, whether that’s martial arts or Instagram marketing
  • What Alex’s turning point was
  • How Alex dealt with the disappointment of teaching outside his preferred demographic
  • What it’s like to lose a close friend and student, and how Alex dealt with feeling responsible for his death
  • How Alex fell deep into depression and what made him finally seek help
  • What skills Alex used to help him overcome his depression



“Working for somebody else does not give you any psychological security.” 12.35

“You can fail at the thing you don’t want to do, or you can fail at the thing you do want to do.” 13.11

“It’s not up to me to tell someone what the journey’s going to give them at the end. I just provide the vehicle” 22.21

“There are some people who get hit, they get stronger. And there are some people who get hit and they cower” 36.55

“If you go through something at your worst, everything else doesn’t seem that bad anymore.” 1.02.58



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