35 minutes | Sep 9th 2020

Host (2020) - Horror Over Zoom

This week's episode was chosen by listener poll, and y'all did us a solid by choosing the post-quarantine horror film HOST. Everything about it is so deceptively simple that we predict a lot of imitators, but who knows if they'll be able to capture this hour-long film's charms. CONTENT WARNING for discussion of suicide, pandemic stuff, parental sexual abuse, ableism "Dawn of the Deaf" short film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cziqkD7iO-g 1:00 Background 4:00 Dawn of the Deaf 6:30 Zoom Horror 12:00 Séance Etiquette 16:00 And Then There Were… 24:00 Platform Hierarchies Say hi to the team on twitter: @dorothynotgale, @writervrai Our icon was designed by Allison Shabet. Get bonus episodes on our Patreon: patreon.com/trashandtreasures Join us every two weeks on Soundcloud, iTunes or Stitcher – and if you’d leave a rating and review, so that more people can find their way to us, we’d appreciate it!