45 minutes | Jan 21, 2022

Troy Carter on the Future of Music Streaming

Troy Carter is the co-founder and CEO of Q&A, a technology and media company focused on powering the business of music via distribution, services, and data analytics. He has also produced his own music, managed some of the biggest artists like Lady Gaga and Eve, and worked for Spotify as its Global Head of Creator Services. In today’s show, we talk about trends in the music industry and how things need to change moving forward. We also discuss the role that record labels serve, Web3, Troy’s work with Venice Innovation Labs, and his approach to angel investing.

If you want to learn more about IP distribution, the economics between labels and artists, and what streaming can look like, this is the episode for you!

Episode Highlights

[02:42] What Troy learned while starting Q&A 

[08:02] Why Kanye’s path is very similar to how tech founders run their companies

[11:22] Troy’s forecast for major and indie record labels and their relationship with artists

[16:00] His thoughts on sourcing from data, Taylor Swift’s deal with Republic Records, and the matrix of partners that artists should have

[22:52] How artists have benefited from the age of digital downloads and streaming

[27:10] Why Troy is a little scared for the streaming industry

[31:08] What artists should think about before releasing new music

[35:48] Troy’s insights from working with the Prince Estate and his angel investing

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Host: Dan Runcie, @RuncieDan, trapital.co

Guest: Troy Carter, Q&A 

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