48 minutes | Nov 22nd 2020

Discovery S3E06: Scavengers

Discovery gets new tech, new romance, and new insights into the Burn! Ken and Sabriel invite guest Dana Ross to join us in celebrating the return of Grudge, a cat who clearly needs her own Star Trek series.

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Tweets mentioned in this episode:

I couldn't think of better way for a life long Trekkie like myself to celebrate being on #StarTrek than to make a compilation video of some of my most embarrassing/cherished photos. I hope you love Ryn as much as I do. LLAP #StarTrekDiscovery pic.twitter.com/geZUcY27vs

— Noah AK (@N_A_K) November 19, 2020

In #nerdalert news, there’s a small but mighty group of #StarTrekDiscovery cast members who’ve begun a #DungeonsandDragons campaign. In our first 2 sessions, we have successfully defeated some orcs & an ooze! My half-elf Druid even turned into a giant wolf spider. ???? ???? ????

— Anthony Rapp Voted for Biden Black Lives Matter (@albinokid) November 9, 2020

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