18 minutes | Jul 17th 2020

Episode 21: The Long Recovery

Tammy Edwards survived COVID-19. It was miserable, but she made it. She had hoped that once the virus ran its course, she could then get back to her life and her work as a nurse in Tacoma. Federal guidelines suggest a typical person sick with COVID should get better after a week or two . Tammy Edwards is three months past that point, and she is still recovering. “It’s not a two-week, blanket, flu like thing,” she says. “Every day you feel it. You feel the shortness of breath, you feel the headaches — I’ve had a headache for two days straight — I’ve had a rash, I have had ear ringing, I still can’t smell. COVID’s very sneaky.” As a region, and a country, we have been fixated on the first wave of infections and whether it has crested, and if a second wave is now gathering strength. But there could be another wave, off in the distance, of long-term health complications and disabilities that could be with us for a generation. On today’s episode, the long recovery: what we know and don’t