27 minutes | Mar 29, 2021

ADHD and Managing Signal Based Attention with REBEL

As ADHD people, we pay most attention to the the things that generate the biggest signals. This causes us to give our attention to things that may not be our priority, and to avoid the big signals that are painful. The big signal generators that often get our attention include: interest, urgency, avoidance, emotion, visibility, novelty, and perceived conflict. This week Cam and Shelly bring the REBEL model together by discussing how we can apply REBEL model to navigate our ADHD brain's "signal based attention system". We discuss several successful outcomes with our ADHD coaching clients that demonstrate REBEL in action and how it can help us tune into more subtle signals. The REBEL model: Remember to remind the brain Expand the mind Balanced Attack Exposure to time, to new experiences Limit scope, start with what you know Episode links + resources: Join the Community | Become a Patron Our Process: Understand, Own, Translate. About Cam and Shelly For more Translating ADHD: For episode transcripts visit TranslatingADHD.com and click on the episode. Follow us on Twitter: @TranslatingADHD Episode Transcription: TranslatingADHD.com
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