84 minutes | Apr 2, 2016

Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 076 - We're Gonna Wing It!

Welcome to the start of another 25 episode run of this by and for transgender podcast.  This week the Transgender Trio will Wing It!  And by 'Wing It' they mean they don't actually have an agenda for the day, and they'll just be talking about whatever comes to mind.  This week, Amber shares the story of her Facial Feminization Surgery, and Tibby talks about blood, lots and lots of blood.  We also touch on The Wachowski's.  Again.  Yeah, we already loved the Wachowski's and not much has changed.  We also give kudos to protesters, and companies for showing love.  Then we ramble on about whatever comes to mind for the rest of the hour and a half.  So join us this week for another exciting episode of Transition Transmission! www.transitiontransmission.com Twitter @TransgenderTrio Runtime: 83 min
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