14 minutes | Mar 10th 2016

Trace Elements: The Reset

Two hosts, one adventure: This episode marks the beginning of five special Transistor episodes featuring Trace Elements. Hosts and producers Cristina Quinn and Alison Bruzek take listeners on an off-road trip into the science that connects us. Learn more here in our super-official press release.

In this episode: Meet a man who woke up from a hospital procedure and no longer felt any fear.


Jordy Cernik

Tracy Cernik

Richard Hodin, chief of endocrine surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital

Anand Vaidya, director of the center for adrenal disorders at Brigham & Women’s hospital

Engineer: Andrew Kramer

Theme Song: Rory Jackson

Additional Music: Rory Jackson, Ashwan, Doxent, Cuarto, Sheeba

Special Thanks: Sean Sugrue

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