54 minutes | Dec 18, 2020

NARM Inner Circle Presents: Working in the Present Moment with Dr. Laurence Heller and Brad Kammer

An end-of-the-year gift to listeners from the NARM Training Institute! We are sharing a special topic webinar from the NARM Inner Circle online program.

This webinar provides a window into the Inner Circle learning community where helping professionals from around the world are coming together to learn more about the NARM approach to resolving Complex Trauma.  

In this session, NARM and Working in the Present Moment, NARM creator, Dr. Laurence Heller, and NARM Senior Faculty Brad Kammer, explore how NARM uses a phenomenological approach, which relates to working in the here and now to resolve the psychobiological patterns of developmental trauma.

Laurence and Brad touch on such areas as: 

  • how childhood trauma patterns show up in the here and now 
  • working in the present moment with personal history and traumatic memories
  • how to avoid trauma re-enactments and support trauma healing within the therapeutic relationship 
  • the spiritual dimensions of the NARM approach in supporting post-traumatic growth

If you enjoy this episode, we invite you to check out the NARM Inner Circle, where we host NARM Topic Webinars like this one every month.

Some topics that we cover are: Differentiating Shock and Developmental Trauma; Working with Shame, Self-Hatred and Self-Sabotage; Complex Trauma and Addictions; Relational Trauma, Intimacy and Sexuality; Addressing Burnout in Helping Professionals; and the NARM Approach for Supporting Personal and Spiritual Growth. 

To learn more about the Inner Circle and to sign up for a free two-week trial, please visit: www.narmtraining.com/freetrial

To read the full show notes and discover more resources visit http://www.narmtraining.com/podcast


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