35 minutes | Dec 18, 2020

7 Lindsey Swope - Traveling into the Fairy Realm

Lindsey Swope has always felt a strong connection to the Earth. She earned degrees in both Geology and Geography before recognizing her spiritual call to work with the subtle realms of Fairies, Devas and Nature Spirits. She has been involved with the Fairy and Human Relations Congress, an annual event of up to 300 people held in Washington State, since its inception in 2001. She also founded Skalitude Retreat, a wilderness retreat dedicated to helping humans live in harmony with nature and the birthplace of the Fairy Congress. (The word 'Skalitude' comes from the Salish language, and translates as: 'When humans and nature are in harmony, the veils between the worlds dissolve, and magic and beauty are everywhere')Through her two decades of working closely with the Subtle Realms, she has studied with teachers of numerous lineages and traditions and has also worked through many layers of doubt and uncertainty. She loves sharing the joy that working with nature brings!In this episode Lindsey  shows how you, too, can begin connecting with the fairies, devas and nature spirits by sharing a short meditation that will  give you the eyes to  see inside the dimension of the fairy realm.You will hear how she began opening up to feeling and seeing the fairies despite her own natural doubts.  She gives some great tips on how you can get past your own doubts to open yourself to the world of magic  found in the realm of fairies, devas and nature spirits.To find out more information and to attend the Fairy Congress. 
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