33 minutes | Dec 11, 2020

6 Deborah Brodey - A Vision Quest

Deborah was working as a social worker and having difficulties in her relationship and  suffered a panic attack that shook her to her core.  She immediately felt the urge that she had to "get out of here!" Two days later she was on a plane to visit friends in a beautiful location surrounded by nature.She took a walk near her friend's home in the forest near a beach and found a local totem pole with a Bald eagle sitting on top of it.  She knew this was a powerful moment for her and she performed a simple gratitude ceremony that led her to take a day long vision quest at a local park where another Eagle flew over to calm her fears of spending the day alone in nature.After a magical day on her vision quest, Deborah found herself on a cliff overlooking the water and singing and creating sounds  that came from deep within her soul.  Several days later she had a synchronistic encounter with a man in a book store who told her she was a spiritual teacher. When she returned home she completely changed her life, left her job and the previous relationship to step fully into being the sound healer and spiritual teacher that emerged during her vision quest.Deborah Brodey is a Transformation Guide, Yoga Teacher/ Sound Healer, Ceremonial facilitator from Toronto, Canada. She has spent years studying and travelling the world learning from teachers, healers, Elders and Indigenous wisdom keepers and has a passion for co-creating ceremony wherever she goes through vocal sounding as a way of righting our relationship with Mother Earth. She is the founder of the Radical Self Nourishment Program, a holistic and multidimensional self care program designed for Changemakers, Healers, & visionary leaders, who are out of alignment with their self care and want to unleash their full power, potential & creativity. She is currently working on her book about 7 Principles of Living Reciprocity. Get your free gift from Deborah: Tap Into Your Power: Chakra Cleansing with Vowel Sounds Cobtact Deborah to have a  complimentary 30 minute Radical Self Nourishment Jumpstart session with her: contact@deborahbrodey.comDeborah's website:  DeborahBrodey.com
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