39 minutes | Mar 27, 2021

15 Jonathan Rivera - Conversational Activism

Meet Jonathan Rivera, a conversational activist who starts conversations with people that he disagrees with and who disagree with him,  they don’t like him,  they don’t understand him so that he can learn from them and find commonality. He uses his anonymity as a super power as a tool to change the world every day. He has very few followers,  and he likes it that way. That’s how he has been able to change the world.This has been one of the most powerful and poignant conversations yet on the Transformational Travel podcast. Jonathan is a true role model for us all, teaching and modeling for us how to listen without expectations or agenda.  Even without needing or wanting to change the mind of the person he is conversing with. Something very rare in today's world.Jonathan is clearly a deep thinker who loves his fellow humans from any and all walks of life. He is a humble man who seeks no publicity, fanfare and has a very low profile in the world, yet he is making a profound impact on each and every person he has a conversation with, your host included.Jonathan challenges us all, but his quiet activism, to be better humans. To be quiet, open and listen to those around us, especially those we don't agree with or understand, to find the commonalities that exist between all people. He quietly inspires all who hear his mission and opens the hearts of so many people around the world, one conversation at a time.We encourage you to have your own activist conversations with those you may not agree with and we would love to hear your experiences. Send them to us at Anne@WhaleWisdomRetreats.com 
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