36 minutes | Mar 4, 2021

13 Katie Rampen - Healing with Nature

Katie Rampen is a Wellness Empowerment Coach who is dedicated to creating a thriving world through healthier living as well as a breast cancer recovery advocate, helping women navigate a breast cancer diagnosis and avoid recurrence.Eight years ago and then again this past March she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a mother of two children, she knew it was time to spring into action to reclaim her health and her life. Not only for herself but for her kids and family. Katie embarked upon a quest to learn more deeply about cancer and health in general. As a result, she uncovered a lot of eye-opening, little known information that made her realize we each need - herself included - to start taking greater responsibility for our health. In this episode, Katie shares how she traveled as a caregiver for her ailing father to Kauai, Hawaii as she was recovering from her second bout of breast cancer surgery. What she soon realized was how powerful the healing energies of the island and beautiful nature all around them was.Katie shares how a chance encounter with a rare Hawaiian Monk seal showed her how to be calm and at peace despite preparing for an impending hurricane.  A beautiful lesson about how to be present with what is happening at the moment, not what may or may not happen in the future.She tells us about having sea turtles visit her little beach every day and how one sea turtle was struggling and how she felt moved to reach out to find help for the suffering turtle, despite others telling her she could not make a difference.  She learned to trust herself, be persistant and as a result saving the life of the sea turtle and giving back to the nature that had provided so much healing and wisdom to both her and her father.You can connect with Katie in her Healthy Families Facebook Pageand her Kicking Cancer with Katie Facebook GroupGet Katie's free gift here:  7 Simple Steps to a Healthier Youand her free guide: Three Things You Need to Know to Prevent Breast Cancer
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