50 minutes | Sep 22nd 2020

The Life Story of Bruce Hawes: Legendary Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Arranger and Author

You will not want to miss hearing the life story and contributions of a man who is one of the most influential singer/songwriters, producers and music arrangers in the world of R&B, rap and Pop Music. Bruce Hawes will share how he has succeeded in all his musical challenges and endeavors from R&B, jazz, pop, rock, opera, hip hop or Middle Eastern music. His was a successful career that extends over four-decades as a hit-maker. Bruce remains a first call songwriter, producer and arranger for major record labels, producers and musicians looking for fresh material. He is now CEO of Industrial Strength Music, a company he founded in 1977. His record-hits have been performed on NBC-TV and on many film tracks, and MTV films such as The Fighting Temptations. Mr. Hawes states his songwriting success comes from his basic ingredients for hit songs: “paint a story that listeners can easily follow, make it memorable with a relevant subject that is common to all.
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