50 minutes | Sep 29th 2020

How I Overcame My Fears, Doubts and Negative Thought Patterns to Become A Transformation Champion

Like many stories, women such as Stacey Ellen thought that to be successful they needed to work up the corporate ladder. Only finding after years of being drained and unfulfilled, Stacey began to recognize the negative thought patterns that were replaying in her head, and fears holding her back and noting how judgmental she was about herself. What did she do? This is a story of a woman’s courage and personal healing that would eventually lead her to help others through the same healing transformation she experienced. Success does not happen overnight, but it did happen for Stacey Ellen. You will want to share this show with others about how Stacey rose to her power today as a Transformation Specialist, Professional Speaker, Reiki Master and Author.
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