49 minutes | Jun 14th 2020

9. Blending cultures: Finnish roots and family identity in California - with Maija Lähdesmäki

In this episode, I catch up with Maija, a Finnish expat in California. We met as volunteer art docents, teaching art in our elementary school district, and bonded over our love of art and of course our European roots.
Topics are what it's like to raise cross-culture, multilingual children (Maija has four), the importance of roots and how to keep your children connected to them, and how to use art as a way to stay true to our expat duality - and make the most of Californian can-do attitude.
You can find Maija and her inspiring photography on instagram: @onblueplate/, and of course on her beautiful ceramics website: https://www.onblueplate.com/

Maija Lähdesmäki

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