38 minutes | Dec 17th 2020

20. I'm dreaming of a German Christmas...

Here's my take on a traditional but not entirely typical German Christmas (is there such a thing?).
After my intro, I'm reading two of last year's blog posts I wrote about Christmas traditions in the US, UK and Germany, and the mix my family has created. If you've already read them, feel free to skip ahead to minute 19.
If you'd like to check out the posts on my website, click here for Part 1, and here for Part 2. 

One of my favourite German (or rather Bavarian/Austrian) Christmas carols is "Es wird scho glei dumpa" (It will soon be dark). You can check out the lyrics with a literal English translation. If you'd like to hear the carol, listen to this amazing A Capella version, or Hubert von Goisern's version (it’s not a great recording, but you’ll get the idea, and he's a wonderful artist).
You can watch “Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel“ (three wishes for Cinderella) with English subtitles on YouTube!

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Guten Rutsch!!

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