59 minutes | Nov 18th 2020

18. Sticking to a plan when you belong nowhere and everywhere - with Oscar Mariani

Today's guest is Oscar, a software engineer from Uruguay. At the age of 17, he ventured away from his home country to achieve his career dreams, but eventually decided to put family first and return to Uruguay, after living in the US, the UK and Portugal. We discuss what it's like to find your place in the world when your sense of belonging is askew, and you constantly question your identity, and how certain life events make our minds up for us.  

Other conversation topics range from navigating British social norms and sense of humour, to craft beer and international hand gestures, as well as raising multilingual children and trying to establish English customs in a Latin American country.

I found Oscar's story really inspiring: belonging everywhere and nowhere, loving your family and the countries that become part of you, while keeping your sense of humour - a perfect recipe for years like this one!  

Oscar Mariani

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