67 minutes | Oct 14th 2020

16. What it's like when you don't fit in a box - with Sophie Durre

My guest today is Sophie, whom I met at work here in Austin. She was in total disguise when we met; to me, she sounded just like any other American girl in her twenties, and I had no idea she was a TCK with a very varied international background, until I heard her speak Italian on the phone. I'm so happy she wanted to be interviewed for my podcast, and it was fascinating to hear her family's story and her perspective as a TCK. 

We talk about the difficulties of being thrown into a new country with a new language at a young age, what it's like to maintain friendships over time and distance, and how tough it can be to reveal, and be proud of your full self when you're surrounded by people who don't necessarily want to hear the whole story. 

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Sophie Durre

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